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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

PLEASE NOTE: These frequently answered questions are general guidelines. Our work is dependant on temperature and weather, so there are many factors involved and many outcomes possible. Please remember that these answers are not set in stone, if you happen to have any specific questions pertaining to application please email us at


Excel-Coat Systems

Which Excel-Coat system is used for plywood surfaces?

The Excel-Coat Fire System (FS) ICBO #4804 system is used over plywood.


How is it applied?

Excel-Coat FS is a latex-modified cementitous waterproof surface system. The system utilizes a 2.5 galvanized metal lath that is attached to the plywood with a heavy duty wide crown staple and a trowel applied latex-modified cement base coat. An intermediate basecoat of fiberglass mat and acrylic resin is roller applied to give the system a tough and flexible waterproof membrane. There are a wide variety of finish options. Most of the finishes are gun applied or hand troweled.


How is Excel-Coat FS different from other similar appearing cementitous systems?

We at Gold Dog Waterproofing, with over 40 years of waterproof deck experience (since 1961), believe that Excel-Coat FS is one of the only cementitous systems on the market that will perform satisfactorily in the demanding conditions of the Pacific Northwest. This is largely due to the fiberglass mat and acrylic resin flexible coat that is installed as part of the system in the Northwest. Many other systems do not have this critical layer.


Is Excel-Coat FS fire rated?

As the name implies, this is the "Fire System". The Excel-Coat FS system has a "Class A" Fire Rating per ICBO #4804.


How has Excel-Coat FS been tested?

Excel-Coat FS has been through ICBO testing, as well as many years of applications in the field, thus has proven its durability and quality.


How much does Excel-Coat FS weigh? How thick is it?

When installed, the system is approximately 3/16 inch thick and normally less than 3 lbs. per square foot.


What type of plywood does Excel-Coat FS require?

Plywood must be EXTERIOR stamped plywood (Examples are AC EXT, BC EXT, and CC EXT Plugged and Touch Sanded). Use of exterior glue in a piece of plywood does not necessarily make it EXTERIOR. We recommend a minimum 3/4 inch thick plywood on maximum span of 16 inches on center. See application specs for further requirements. Plywood joints must be staggered and spaced or gapped 1/8 inch.


Is Excel-Coat FS slip-proof?

In reality there are not many surfaces that are "slip-proof". Nevertheless Excel-Coat FS is normally applied with a slip-resistant finish.


How does Excel-Coat FS hold up under the sun?

The deck coating will not discolor, fade, break down or deteriorate due to direct sun exposure.


What colors are available?

The Excel-Coat Fire System is available in 16 colors. Many of these colors are stocked in Portland. Others are available at an additional charge.  There is the option of two-tone color textures, patterns and designs with clear seal coats. Custom color matching is also available upon request at an additional charge. 


What maintenance is required?

We recommend that you clean the deck several times annually using a cleaner like Simple Green or Prosoco 2010 All-Purpose Cleaner for tougher stains (follow manufacturer's recommendations). It is a good idea to inspect the system each year for damage. Re-sealing should be done every 5 to 7 years.


Is Excel-Coat FS environmentally friendly?

Excel-Coat FS components are VOC compliant and environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous. 


Will Excel-Coat FS hold up under normal patio furniture and chairs?

Yes. Use reasonable care in the same way you would with any other finished surface in your home.

Pacific Polymer Urethane Systems

What is the difference between a Walking Deck system and a Thin-Set system?

Pacific Polymers make a variety of waterproofing systems. Two that Gold Dog often installs are the Elasto-Deck 5000 WDA walking deck system with 6001 topcoat; and the second system is the Elasto-Deck 5500 thin-set system. Both are urethane coatings that are liquid applied over plywood or concrete. The walking deck system is designed as a finished surface that can be directly walked on and used directly under patio furniture. The 5500 thin-set system is designed for use under a thin-set mortar adhered topping material like slate or tile.


Does Pacific Polymers make a system that we can install concrete on?

The Pacific Polymer Elasto-Deck BT system is designed for use under a concrete topping slab. Gold Dog installs many of these systems.


How long does the Pacific Polymer materials take to cure?
Normally 36 to 48 hours, although curing time varies with the temperature and humidity.

Gacodeck Urethane Systems

How is it applied?
Gacodeck is a liquid product which is roller applied and/or troweled on to the deck surface.


How long does the application take to cure?
Normally 36 to 48 hours, although curing time varies with the temperature and the type (acrylic or urethane) of system you are applying.


Can it be applied in the rain?
Yes, if the area to be coated is sufficiently tarped or covered to keep the deck completely dry. Click here for an example of a tarped project.


What temperatures are suitable for application?
Gacodeck Hand Troweled Urethane should not be applied at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, as a general guideline. Gacodeck Roller Applied Acrylic should not be applied below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, as a general guideline.


How do you install posts?
Click here for an example of a 4" x 4" post through a plywood surface.


Can I do it myself?
Yes, we can supply you with A-38 acrylic coating and instructions for the do-it-yourself project. Material sales are handled by our sister company, Gustafsson Distributing, LLC. 


How long to install a normal job?
Usually a job takes a week to finish, but sometimes there are delays due to the current season.


How long does a typical Gacodeck last?
A Urethane Gacodeck can last for approximately 7 to 10 years before they need to be recoated. Our oldest deck lasted over thirty-three years before having to be redone. Acrylic decks usually need a new top-coat every 5 to 7 years (there have been acrylic decks that have gone as long as 15 years without re-coat).



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