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Pacific Polymers Roller Applied Urethane


Pacific Polymers manufacturers a wide variety of waterproofing systems. Gold Dog Waterproofing, LLC is proud to install many of these systems including the following:

Elasto-Deck 5000 WDA - Polyurethane Coating for decks, balconies, and plazas, available in a natural aggregate or a pigmented finish.

A liquid-applied, single-component, moisture-cured, elastomeric coating system for foot traffic, such as walking decks, balconies, plazas, etc. The complete system is skid-resistant with a textured finish, and approximately 1/8" thick (3 mm), including aggregate. The system consists of ELASTO-DECK 5001 base coat, ELASTO-GLAZE 6001 AL topcoat.

Elasto-Deck BT - A seamless, flexible rubber membrane impervious to moisture, even under continuous exposure (coaltar-free).

A black, liquid applied single-component moisture-cured polyurethane coating, designed to form a seamless, flexible rubber membrane impervious to moisture. It allows expansion and contraction over a broad temperature range and maintains waterproofing properties under continuous exposure to water. This system is suitable for use under concrete topping slabs when a protection board is laid on the BT membrane.

Elasto-Deck 5500 - For waterproofing under thin-set mortared tiles, outdoor carpeting and wood decking.

A liquid-applied, single-component, moisture-cured polyurethane membrane. ELASTO-DECK 5500 is widely used to waterproof concrete and plywood decks which are subsequently covered with outdoor carpeting, tiles set in thin-set mortar, or wood decking. The product is also recommended for all applications which require the waterproof surface to be painted, where a bitumen-extended polyurethane would not be suitable. ELASTO-DECK 5500 is designed as a high performance elastomeric covering over irregular surfaces.


Gacodeck Hand Trowel Urethane


Urethane GACODECK systems are seamless, liquid applied membranes that incorporate organic granules for added slip and wear resistance.


The synthetic rubber like finish of GACODECK systems will not shrink, crack, chip, peel or lift due to normal variables caused by temperature shifts or freeze/thaw cycles.


Urethane GACODECK surfaces can be applied directly over exterior plywood or concrete and are formulated to perform under stress year after year while retaining their beauty and effectiveness.


There are four different urethane products which can be used for deck surfaces. The products suitable for the base and texture coat of the system are UB-64 or U-66 urethanes. An optional additional top coat is available for soil resistance, color stability and optimum life for your GACODECK. These products are UA-60 or UA-65 aliphatic urethanes.


These urethane waterproof deck finishes  have been displayed with great success at the Portland, Oregon Street of Dreams since 1984.


Gacodeck Roller Applied Acrylic


Acrylic systems offer similar quality waterproofing protection as do the other Gacodeck products. The advantages of an acrylic membrane is the non-flammability of the liquid coating, the ease of roller application, and water cleanup. The product used for this application is A-38 acrylic latex elastomer. A-38 is a premium acrylic that has over 4 times the strength of some "do-it-yourself" type kits offered in lumber and hardware stores. A-38 is the preferred acrylic for high quality, easy to maintain waterproof walking decks. A-38 is also used for top-coating existing urethane or acrylic Gacodecks.



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