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Application Instructions






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2. Surface Condition


The deck must be dry and clean.  There must be no dust, wax, oil, asphalt or other material on it.  These can interfere with proper adhesion or can discolor the DECKIT surface.  Avoid applications of DECKIT system in direct  sunlight or if there is imminent threat of rain. 


3. Getting Ready


When the DECKIT system is to terminate at a place where there is no natural break, masking tape should be used to get a clean, sharp line.  When there is a chance of spillage or dripping on other surfaces, fasten paper or sheet plastic with masking tape to provide protection.  Make certain that the DECKIT coating product is thoroughly stirred to a uniform consistency before applying.  If metal is to be coated, wash and follow with exterior metal primer suitable for particular material used and allow to dry.  During warm weather applications DECKIT coating may be thinned up to 10% with water for ease of application.


4. Taping and Flashing


For best appearance apply high quality, water resistant, paintable grade latex rubber caulking struck flush with deck surface to all joints and cracks.  Caulking should be applied at least one hour prior to taping.  If caulking has been allowed to dry longer then 24 hours wipe with damp cloth.  Apply DECKIT coating by brush or roller in a 5" or 6" wide strip centered over all joints, cracks and changes of plane to be taped.  Work only in small sections as latex coatings dry quickly.  While this coating si still tacky, press in polyester tape and then apply more coating over the tape smoothing out wrinkles and saturating tape.


5. First Coat


Apply an overall uniform coat of deck coating using 3/4 gallon per 100 square feet on entire deck surface including all taped or flashed areas.  Unlike painting, this is a heavy coat to produce a membrane, not just coloring.  Allow to dry until surface can be walked on.  To save roller cover for use on next coat, wrap in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.


6. Second Coat


Repeat step 4 (first coat) by following application rates and 

other instructions.


7. Top Coats


Empty bag of DECKIT granule into pail and stir thoroughly.  The addition of DECKIT granules to the deck coating will allow you to roll on a decorative non slip surface over the the surface you have already taped and base coated.


Apply two texture top coats at 3/4 gallon per 100 square feet each coat.  Allow the first coat to dry before a second coat can be applied, but no more than 72 hours.  If left longer than 72 hours, deck must be cleaned with liquid detergent, rinsed thoroughly and allow to dry completely before proceeding.


Best results are achieved by applying texture coats in parallel overlapping roller passes, i.e. North-South or East-West.  This will result in a pleasing uniform texture which is easy to clean.


8. Drying


After final texture coat, allow two or more days before use, depending on drying conditions.  Drying depends on temperature, humidity and air movement.  A warm, dry, breezy day is best.  During hot weather (above 90 degrees) apply coatings in the morning or evening to provide best drying conditions.  Do not apply  at temperatures below 50 degrees F or when temperatures will fall below 50 degrees F within 6 hours.  Do not apply if rain, dew, or condensation can occur within 6 hours.


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