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The North Clackamas School District is in the process of changing school boundaries in the Happy Valley area. A District committee was formed last spring and held meetings to announce where these new boundaries would be located. The School Board heard a detailed report of the committee's recommendation at their September 18, 2008 Board meeting.

The next Board meeting will be on October 2, 2008. It is important that you take action before that date!

FLASH! Can you see the new HV school from your house? We need to hear from you. Click here to email us for more information!

There will be opportunities for public comment at the Board meeting on October 2nd, with a vote on the boundary recommendation scheduled for the October 16th Board meeting.

If you live in the area east of SE 145th Avenue and north of the southern boundary of Jackson Hills subdivision, then you are affected by the new Happy Valley school boundary. This area has been termed the “panhandle”.

If the current Proposal is enacted then children in this area will no longer be able to attend the school in their community, Happy Valley Elementary School. Children from this area will be bused to within several hundred feet of the new Happy Valley School and then they will continue up, over and around Scouters’ Mt. to a different school in Pleasant Valley.

For many students in this area this will mean trips of approximately 3 ½ miles each way to the new school in Pleasant Valley. That is a total of SEVEN miles EVERY DAY!

It is EXTREMELY important that YOU take action and let the School Board know your thoughts!

You can impact the Boards' decision on this change that will shape your child’s future education!

Your school board members need your experience, ideas and expertise to make sure your children are getting the education they are guaranteed by our state’s constitution. When problems arise, you can help find real solutions to the issues facing your children in school.

By speaking up, you can be a powerful advocate for your child’s rights!

Keep in mind that the School Board is a group that works for the community to insure that a quality educational experience is accessible equally for all students in the District. The Board works hard to bring this about and they deserve a high level of respect. Here are a few tips on how to write a letter to the Board:

Keep it brief: Letters should never be longer than one page and should be limited to one issue. School board members often have separate full-time jobs and have a lot of reading material to go through before each meeting.

State who you are and what you want up front: In the first paragraph, tell your board members that you are a parent or family member of a child in their district. Tell them that you want children in the Jackson Hills/Monterra area to remain in the Happy Valley Elementary School attendance area.

Identify the issue you are writing about. Be sure to reference the School Boundary Re-alignment Proposal as it relates to the Jackson Hills/Monterra area of Happy Valley.

Hit your three most important points: Choose the three strongest points that will be most effective in persuading your school board members to support your position and explain these to the board. Some points to consider are 1.) proximity to the Happy Valley Elementary School. Most areas of Jackson Hills/Monterra are less than a mile from the School. 2.) severity of trip from this area to the proposed school located in Pleasant Valley (3.5 miles on narrow steep roads). 3.) view of the school. many homes in this area can see the Happy Valley Elem. School from their home. 4.) inequity of the Proposal compared to other students in the District. 5.) walking nature of the community and the good connections via roads, trails, sidewalks and bike paths between this area and the HV Elem. School, the HV Park, and many neighborhoods just across 145th Ave. 6.) the severe geographical barriers that separate this area from the location of the new school in Pleasant Valley.

Personalize your letter: Tell your school board member why this policy matters in your community. If you have one, include a personal story that shows how this issue affects you and your family. Can you see the HV School from your house? Do you walk to the School or Park? Do you have friends in the neighborhoods across 145th? 

Do not underestimate the power of your own story. Personal stories have a strong impact.

Personalize your relationship: Have you ever voted for the school board member? Are you familiar with him or her through any business or personal relationship? If so, say so.

You are the expert: Remember that the school board’s job is to represent you. Be courteous and to the point, but do not be afraid to take a firm position. You may know more about the issue than the board member – this is your chance to educate him or her about the issue.

Write a letter to the Board and the Superintendent (click here for contact info)!

Attend  the School Board meetings on October 2 and October 16, 2008 (click here for location)!

Talk to your neighbors!


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Happy Valley "49" Proposed Boundary Realignment Opposition 1

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Happy Valley "49" Proposed Boundary Realignment Opposition 4


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