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Carmichael Estates

Carmichael Estates subdivsion is located on the north slope of the Happy Valley Bowl, west of 145th Ave. It is located on a portion of property previously owned by Arlo and Jean Thompson and later by the Crowder family. Thompsons ran a dairy farm on the land and grazed their Holstein cows on much of the open pasture on this side of the valley. Another section of the old thompson farm was developed as Emerald Valley subdivison just south of Carmichael Estates. In the 1960's the Thompson's original barn burned to the ground during the night. Many of the volunteer fireman from the local fire station fought the blaze through the night, but it was a total loss. A number of the dairy stock died in the barn fire and were later buried in a large pit south of the barn. The community of Happy Valley pulled together and within several months had raised a new barn for the Thompsons. They continued to operate the dairy nto the mid 1970's. After Jean's death, Arlo moved and sold the farm to the Crowder family. It was developed into Carmichael Estates in the early 1990's. At that time the old farm house was burned to the ground as a training exercise for the fire department.


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