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Jackson Hills

Excavation of phase 1 of Jackson Hills was first started in June of 2004. Home construction was started around April of 2005. The construction pace was furious and by mid May there were approx. 75 homes in various states of completion (Monterra is in the foreground).


About this time logging was started on phase 2 of the project to the east. This has continued into June and soon new roads will be constructed.

jackson hills

On June 23, 2005 this is what the hillside looked like.



More than 200 homes will be added to the Valley in Jackson Hills.

Northern Heights


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Last upate June 25, 2005

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News Articles from June 2005 Happy Valley Highlights (http://www.ci.happy-valley.or.us/newsletters/HV_05_06-07.pdf):

Happy Valley Hikers Needs Volunteers!

The Happy Valley Hikers are planning several dates this summer for work on the City's trails. June 11, July 9, and August 13 have been reserved for trail work. The primary focus will be the trail connection going west up and out of the Happy Valley Nature Park to Solomon Court. The Hikers plan to meet at 9:00 am at the trailhead off of Greiner Lane. Per Randy Nicolay of the Happy Valley Hikers, “we need all the volunteer rakes and shovels we can get!!” If you have questions or would like to participate, please call Randy Nicolay at 503-464-8179, or 503-803-0663, or email him at randy.nicolay@pgn.com.

Happy Valley Hikers Receives Donation

The Happy Valley Hikers is a group of concerned citizens that work with the City's Public Works Department to help maintain the City's trails. The Hikers were recently the recipients of a winch and mounting system which will aid in trail upkeep. Warn Industries, headquartered in Clackamas, donated this equipment. The City would like to thank Karl Christensen and Gary Rubin of Warn Industries for their generous donation which will be a benefit to all those that hike in Happy Valley. Thank you!

Winch and mounting system donated by Warn Industries

Old Carver School Building Temporarily

Houses Charter School

Nestled on the east side of Clackamas is an independent school providing exemplary education to students from preschool up through eighth grade. Full Circle Countryside School (FCCS) is providing students from all over Clackamas County with an independent, non-religious, and uniquely challenging education. Housed in the Old Carver Elementary School building that is being used temporarily until their new quarters in Redland can be built, FCCS is a community which blends ‘old school' dynamics with a challenging curriculum and a respect for each child as an individual learner. Visitors to FCCS are captivated with the sounds of laughter and a sense that children feel safe and that they belong. Enthusiasm and a focus on learning permeate the educational environment. FCCS staff believes that every child can learn and will succeed if they are valued and acknowledged. Individual problem solving is seen as a way to help students increase self-esteem; mistakes or failures are viewed as natural happenings from which students learn. FCCS students emerge as competent, independent thinkers with a commitment to excellence. The school is located at 16077 SE Hwy 224 in Clackamas. For more information please visit www.fullcircleschool.org or call at 503-658-4350.

City Forms Post Office Task Force

Here at City Hall, we have been working diligently to bring a post office to Happy Valley. We are now taking this issue to the next level and forming the Post Office Task Force. This committee will be comprised of City Staff, two City Councilors, and two members of the community. The City is welcoming inquiries from community members who are willing to volunteer their time to aid in making a post office a reality in Happy Valley. If you are willing to participate in a maximum of five meetings, either during the day or in the evening, please contact Sarah Mizejewski during business hours at 503.760.3325 or sarahm@ci.happyvalley. or.us.