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UPDATE: Due to a lack of response and interest the 2004 reunion will not take place. If there is more interest then maybe we can plan a reunion for 2005.

An elementary school reunion is being planned for students and their families that attended Happy Valley Grade School within the years 1956 to 1970. Also included are teachers and their families.

We are attempting to reserve the Happy Valley City Park for a week-end in August 2004. We would like to see as many family members as we can. Many of our parents have expressed a desire to have a "PTA reunion" and several children have expressed a curiosity of this "Happy Valley" experience that they have heard so much about.

We need volunteers to help locate past students within these years. We would like to locate photos of the valley and school and classes as the students remember the valley. We need to plan activities and a large picnic. There are many things to do between now and then. Volunteers should ideally have access to a computer for communications. Even if you can't volunteer but you are one of the past students/family members/teachers we need to know who you are and how we can reach you. Those who can't attend but can send information for a 'where are they now' book are asked to provide a contact point and begin on their contribution.

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