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Jim Robnett Photos

These are photos taken by Jim Robnett in the mid 1960's. Thanks to Dave Robnett for sending them.

View from 147th just south of King Road looking north west toward Mt. Scott. Happy Valley School is at lower right.

View from Happy Valley School to the south east toward Scouters Mountain

View from the Evangelical Church at the intersection of King Rd. and 129th to the east and Scouters Mountain. Rebstock house is to the left (red).

View from the Happy Valley School Sports field toward Scouter Mountain. Flag football was played almost every Saturday. Some of the participants were: David Krause, Joe Krause, Jeff Niehoff, John Powers, Tom Powers, Craig Pomeroy, Steve Pomeroy, Dick Poet, Dave Robnett, Erik Gustafsson, Gary Pahlka, and Dan Hunker.


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