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Mt. Talbert

Mt. Talbert is an extinct volcano lava dome that rises about 750 feet above sea level in North Clackamas County. It has remained largely un-deveolped but as homes and apartments slowly crept up its flanks, 183 acres was designated a nature park by the local regional government "Metro" and the North Clackamas Parks District. Today Mount Talbert Nature Park is open to the public during daylight hours and offers parking, restrooms, and a picnic shelter. There are about 4 miles of hiking trails located in the Park. There are several trail heads with limited facilities but the main entrance is located on Mather Road. To reach this entrance travel south from Sunnybrook Blvd. on SE 97th which becomes Mather Road. The entrance is on the left.

Metro's website with info about Mt. Talbert Nature Park

On a recent afternoon my family and I went hiking at the Park:

Inspecting the interpretive sign at the start of the trail at the Mather Road entrance.

A map of the Park.

Part way up to the summit.

Towering oak trees reach for the sun.

View to the South from near the summit.

Walking through a stand of Douglas fir trees.

Looking through one of the restored open oak groves.

Visit the Park soon and enjoy the wonderful preserved Nature at the doorstep to Happy Valley.

More photos of Mt Talbert from Flickr

Link to more information on Mt. Talbert

Link to Google Map with location of Mather Road entrance


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