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Wyler Estates

Wyler Estates subdivsion is located on the north slope of the Happy Valley Bowl, west of 145th Ave. It is located largely on property previously owned by Ed and Leta Wyler. Another section located north of Micah St. is property that was owned years ago by the Carmin family. In the 1980's their house burned after a fire started by a cigarette. The Anthonys purchased the land and built a modern style home with flat roofs. During the development of Wyler Estates the Anthony land was sold to the developer, split into 2 lots and the home remodeled to fit the style of the new neighborhood. There are 2 access streets that were formerly separate driveways: SE Micah St. and SE Wyler St.

A circa 2000 map showing the Wyler and Anthony properties

A link to Google Maps of the Wyler Estate area


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Carmichael Estates


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